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See how SatinStone™ Granite
stacks up against other surfaces.

Resistance to: Polished Quartz Natural Granite SatinStone Granite
Staining Excellent* Good Excellent
Scratching Excellent Excellent Excellent
Etching Excellent Excellent Excellent
Heat Good Excellent Excellent
UV Rays Good Excellent Excellent
Outdoor Use Not Recommended Constant Care Excellent in Suede Finish

Staining All products, including quartz and natural stone, can be stained. There is no such thing as a stain-proof countertop. However, SatinStone™ is highly stain resistant and compares as well with or better than quartz products.

Scratching  SatinStone™ offers a very high level of scratch resistance. Whether it’s used for a restaurant bar top or kitchen countertop, SatinStone™  will withstand the tests of time and usage.  

Etching  Etches are dull spots that can be created from acidic substances making contact with a stone surface. Anything from a splash of lemon juice to a drip of wine may cause etching.  The etch-resistance of SatinStone makes it a wonderfully safe choice for cooking spaces. 

Heat  SatinStone™ is extremely heat-resistant and can be used as a surround around a wood or gas burning fireplace.

UV Rays (indoor)  Quartz can fade when exposed to direct sunlight. SatinStone features high UV-resistance and will maintain its color in direct sunlight in almost all cases. (Please note: The underlying granite in some SatinStone products can change color when exposed to direct sunlight.  Talk to your dealer about the best options for your particular SatinStone™  application.)   

Outdoor Use In addition to color fading, the resins used on quartz products tend to break down in an outdoor environment. The proprietary permanent sealing system of SatinStone in a Suede Finish offers protection and outstanding performance indoors or out.