soft · silken · smooth · stone

A stone that can feel. 

SatinStone: The natural stone alternative to Quartz

Smooth and sleek with the silky softness of a rose petal, SatinStone™ satisfies the sense of touch while furnishing the world of design with a new means to a matte surface. This collection of quartz and natural stone presents an unparalleled color palette, flaunting depth and clarity with a three dimensional quality. Available in a gloss, satin, or suede finish, SatinStone™ not only looks and feels spectacular, but shines when it comes to high performance as well. With a high scratch, etch, and stain resistance, this material makes a great choice for any indoor countertop. Each SatinStone™ slab also comes permanently sealed, adding easy cleaning and maintenance to the list of product benefits. View the entire collection of SatinStone™ today at a Galleria Stone and Tile showroom. SatinStone™ … a surface you must see (and touch) to believe. 

SatinStone™ manmade quartz and natural stone are offered in a gloss, satin, or suede finish.

These products excel in four major areas:

 First, they look great. The depth and clarity of the underlying color of each material is unparalleled in any other finish.

Second, they feel great. Your fingers glide across the silky smooth surface with little friction.

Third, they perform great

  • These materials have a higher scratch, etch, and stain resistance than their conventional rivals. Epoxy or polyester resin is typically applied in producing natural stone slabs from blocks.  The resin breaks down when exposed to ultra violet rays or high heat and are therefore not recommended for outdoor use or as a fireplace surround. SatinStone™ natural stone slabs are stripped of the resin surface or are produced without a resin treated surface and therefore are extremely heat resistant and UV stable.

Fourth, they are easy to clean and maintain.

  • The surface of each of these materials is permanently sealed with at least one of four sealers, which was specifically engineered in-house, to chemically and mechanically bond with the major components in each stone, including the resin in quartz.  Most household foods do not stick because of a slippery hydrophobic and oliophobic surface which repels water and oil and has reduced pore sizes.